Sleeklens “Through the Woods” Review

Recently I was able to get a copy of SleekLens’ “Through the Woods” preset pack for Lightroom CC. It had a wide assortment of Lightroom brushes and presets for landscape photography, and I could not be more impressed! It’s ability to salvage underexposed foregrounds and add rich color throughout the dynamic range of my images totally blew me away. Additionally, the ability to select “all-in-one” presets that affected all aspects of my image (exposure, color, tint, base, etc.), or other smaller presets that affected individual aspects gave incredible control over the final output of my image. Not only that, but being able to further adjust these within the standard Lightroom panels really helped to fine-tune the looks I desired.

Previously, I had not been a heavy-user of brushes within Lightroom, and favored third-party apps with more control. However, the brushes within “Through the Woods” have really kept my workflow inside of Lightroom because of their depth and impressive results! I can really see these presets becoming an integral part of my workflow, and helping to round-out any landscape images on a whole new level. I have also included some examples of my before/after landscape images using the presets and brushes. Excellent!


If you’d like to check out this preset pack (I heartily recommend it!), click here:

Alternatively, if you’d like to see other preset packs that SleekLens offers, click here:

Can’t wait to see what these help me to accomplish in my photos for the future!

– Will

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