On Location: Filmmaking on the Beach!

This past week I was producer for an upcoming FSU Film Production titled “Full Enclosure”. One of the most exciting things we got to do was get some early-morning sunrise footage on the beach! About an hour drive south from Tallahassee, Mashes Sands is a great little public beach. A common area for both suburbanites, early morning fisherman, and local photographers, this beach was in the perfect position for catching the morning sunrise.

However, it was not without a little effort on the part of crew and cast! With a wakeup call of 4:00AM, we headed south to arrive on location at 6:00AM. At that hour, there was still a remarkable amount of starts to be seen, even with the naked eye.


After cast and crew all arrived around 6:30AM, we unloaded our grip truck full of equipment primed for movie-making! Our Director got to work with the actors, while our Director of Photography started lining up shots for when the sun finally crossed the horizon.

As the morning wore on, we quickly got in position to secure the shots we needed in the short timeframe we had. While it became a little bit of a frantic rush amidst the sand, wind, and impending sunrise, we pulled them off! I even snagged a few photos for my landscape photography work toward the end. This was just one of many locations for this film, but it was a really unique experience filming in such an off-grid location for a film production!


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